Tuitions and Fees

Arch Academy has a scalable tuition model that matches your financial capacity with the cost of tuition.

The scalable tuition structure allows Arch to make its extraordinary program affordable to many more families.  Arch uses an independent financial consultant, SSS, in order to provide the applicant for its scalable tuition program with confidentiality and third party objectivity.  Scalable tuition applications may be obtained through SSS at any time.  (Click on the button at the bottom of this page to get started.)  

Scalable tuition is supported through yearly fundraising in conjunction with the recommendation of SSS, and at the discretion of Arch Academy.  The SSS application must be completed in its entirety along with the processing fee as required by SSS.  Arch Academy does not receive your personal financial information.  The family applying for scalable tuition must have registered their child before having their tuition scaled accordingly. Tuition ranges from $25,000 and up on a scalable basis for our year round program.

Annually families whose tuition is scaled must re-submit to SSS to set the subsequent year's scalable tuition level.

For more information on fees please contact Germaine Kaufman at 619-201-3834.

Private school scaled tuition 

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