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We seek students whose families are committed to the vision of the school and to using their own resources as much as possible to make this education their top priority.  The primary expense of a private school is tuition; payments which go to support the cost of teachers, supplies and facilities. Families whose current financial circumstances may not fully support the financial obligations of sending their child to Arch Academy are encouraged to apply under the School’s Tuition Assistance Program.  Our School will act as a partner with your family to discover what resources are available to enable you to give the gift of private education to your child.

The Program

Arch Academy has a Tuition Assistance Program for those families who cannot afford the total cost of education.

The school offers various levels of support and relies upon the National Association of Independent Schools' Student & School Services to provide qualifying criteria for financial aid recipients.

If you would like to apply for financial aid, the following steps must be taken:

  1. You must apply to SSS on their website at
  2. Once SSS has received your information and are satisfied, they will supply the school with a recommendation as to the level of support to be awarded
  3. Our Tuition Assistance Administrator will then apply the recommendation from SSS to our Tuition Assistance guidelines
  4. A letter describing the award will be sent to you for your acceptance 
  5. Once your response has been received, the award will be provided and enrollment to the school completed

For more information please call Germaine Kaufman at 619-201-3834

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