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Private School studentsAt Arch Academy, global travel is integrated into the academic curriculum.  In preparation for each trip, our students read a work of literature that has particular relevance to the destination.  This book is selected either as one of the traditional "Great Books" of western civilization, or as a particularly influential and highly regarded contemporary work.  For example, in 2016 students read "Fear" and "Peace is Every Step", both by the noted Buddhist monk and author Tich Nhat Hanh.  This was in preparation for spending a week living with and working alongside the monks at Plum Village, the monastery he founded in France. 

When our students travel abroad with an open mind, they are cer­tain to return to the U.S. as more enlight­ened people. One of the major ben­e­fits of going abroad is its abil­ity to broaden our world under­stand­ing and per­spec­tive on just about anything. We gain a dif­fer­ent view of inter­na­tional affairs, from pol­i­tics to eco­nom­ics to social issues. We also return with a deeper under­stand­ing and respect for the coun­tries vis­ited, know­ing how another cul­ture approaches daily life and unusual challenges.

Our stu­dents return with a new appre­ci­a­tion for the U.S. Experiencing another cul­ture can help us under­stand our own on a deeper level. We have seen this change in almost every stu­dent that has trav­eled with us!


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2016: Spain and FrancePrivate School Kids

Our 2016 trip is to Spain and France.  In Spain, we visit Barcelona and Bilbao.  In France, we spend a week at the Plum Village Mindfulness Practice Center, a spiritual community founded by noted Zen Buddhist peace activist and author Thich Nhat Hanh.  Arch Academy students will be spending part of each day in silence, and part of each day working alongside the monks on their organic farm.  

2015: English Channel Relay Swim

The Arch Academy Zombie Patrol swim team swims the English Channel!  Two teams of 6 swimmers each, leaving from Dover, England and reaching Wissant, France just over 13 hours later. Each student swam at least twice for an hour at a time, through water as cold as 54 degrees F, without wetsuits or fins.  An amazing accomplishment!  When the students were not swimming, they were exploring southern England.


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