College Readiness for High School Graduates Program

Private school studentAre you a family who has a high school graduate between the ages of 18-20 who is struggling? Arch Academy has been working with these young adults since 2004 helping them transition into early adulthood and into Universities and colleges around the country, utilizing college preparation courses and emotional support.

Whether because of academic struggles, emotional issues, learning disabilities or behavior, some of our best and brightest students slip through the cracks in our public and private school systems.  As a result thousands of young adults are finding their way into adulthood with a lack of skills, undiagnosed learning disabilities, low self esteem, lack of identity and/or low motivation to self advocate.  These graduates are unable to take the steps they need to become successful in society and in life.  This is a systemic crisis in our country, which Arch Academy has been addressing by joining with individual graduates and their families, identifying needs, and filling them.  

Arch Academy offers "College Readiness for High School Graduates", a comprehensive 1-2 year program to get these young adults and their families back on track and progressing forward with life. We build the skills each graduate needs to become a productive member of the family, community and society, opening doors to a brighter future that was previously out of reach.




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