Arch in the News

NBC visits private school



NBC Nightly News visited Arch Academy and did a five minute piece on the English Channel swim by the Arch Academy Zombie swim team.  Click here to watch.


CBS follows up with the Zombies


CBS 8 met the Zombies in La Jolla  to hear about their experience swimming the English Channel. Click here to watch



CBS 8 Interviews the Zombies


CBS 8 interviews the Zombies as they train for the English Channel. Click here to watch



FOX 5 English Channel completion interview


Fox 5 San Diego Skypes the Zombies after they complete the English Channel swim. Click here to watch




Fox 5 Pre-english Channel Interview



Fox 5 San Diego interviews the Zombies one week before they leave for England. Click here to watch



ABC Zombie Interview


ABC News highlights Zombies and their training swims for the English Channel. Click here to watch




 CBS interviews private school CBS-Arch receives the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award. Click here to watch

Private School KidsZombie Patrol article published in Swimming World Magazine




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