A Mindfulness Private School

 private school students

Arch Academy offers:

  • An accelerated, academic, mindful learning environment where like-minded peers risk, support, and lift each other up
  • A highly customized curriculum plan with a global perspective directed by each student
  • Personalized instruction by experienced, knowledgeable, highly qualified teachers
  • Student ownership and accountability for their own learning and outcomes
  • Leadership opportunities in academics, sports and service to the world



Private School Students

Awards & Achievements

Click here to read about our many student awards and achievements...complete with a congratulatory letter from Barack Obama President of the Unites States. 


Arch in the News

See arch featured on NBC Nightly News, CBS, ABC, Fox 5 and others!!! From swimming to Catalina Island, across the English Channel, the Molokai Hawaii relay and so many other accomplishments.

Click here to see these and the other incredible examples of our students' commitment to excellence in their lives.

Graduates' Achievements

Our Graduates' Achievements

100% of the students in our university preparatory track are offered multiple scholarships and acceptances to the top tier post secondary institutions in the nation. See the list here







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